I can’t see any offers in ‘Offers’ page

Tasks are limited per a day and can change frequently. So if you already completed all offers in ‘Offer’ page, please try again after a day. We are regularly updating new tasks. If it is not the reason, please check your internet connection first and reboot the app.

I installed an offer app but didn’t get points

We apologize for this. It takes a few minutes to get rewards depending on the T&Cs of the offer provider. Please check again after 30 minutes by tapping the ‘Update’ button on the ‘Offers’ page.
If it’s still not working, there are several possible reasons for this:

For Application Offers

  1. Did you run the app long enough after downloading it?
    : Make sure to open and use the app for at least 2 minutes after downloading it.
  2. Did you read the offer’s instructions?
    : Some apps have a specific task that you are required to finish in order to get the points.
  3. Have you installed this app before?
    : You can only earn points if this is your first time downloading the app.

For Other Offers (Survey, web game and etc)

  1. Did you read offer’s instructions?
    : Some apps require a certain task and you need to finish it.

If you still have a problem after checking all of these things, please contact the offer provider directly.

How to earn money in ‘Offers’?

To earn money in ‘Offers:’

  1. Go to the ‘Earn’ page and tap ‘Offers.’
  2. Choose the ‘Tapjoy offer.’
  3. Choose any offer and complete the allocated task. Tasks may differ from offer to offer.
  4. Go back to the ‘Offers’ page and tap the ‘Update’ button.
  5. Once a task is completed as per its instructions, you will get the points within a few minutes.

How to check my number to recharge?

Please click “Press to Check” in recharge page, so that we can reflect your phone number automatically.

If the automatic check fails more than two times, a pop-up will appear where you can enter your mobile number manually.

After getting your phone number, you will be able to recharge.

I can't exchange the Coin from PlayPull

Please check your internet connection and try again.
If you do not have an internet connection, you cannot convert your “Coin” to “Wallet Points.”

What is PlayPull event?

The PlayPull event rewards you when you pull-down your balance card on the main screen. This event is for a limited period of time and only for specific users. We are giving out different rewards (called “Coin”) for each of the different animals, which appear randomly. Coins can be converted to Wallet Points in the “Wallet History” section. These coins are given randomly, and may not always be issued.

For details, see T&C of Promotion

How to check my current ID?

To check your current ID:

  1. Go to “App Settings”
  2. Select “Profile”

If your mobile phone number has already been added to your account, this is your True Balance account number and ID.

Can I transfer my money to this app?

Unfortunately, we don’t support money transfer at the moment.

We will add this feature in the near future.
So please keep following our latest updates.

Can I recharge my “Wallet Points” to friends?

To recharge to your friend’s number,

  1. Go to “Wallet” page.
  2. Tap “Recharge” button.
  3. Select “Other mobile number” button (If you can’t find it, update True Balance app to the latest version from Google Playstore.

My recharge keeps saying 'Failed'

There are several reasons that your recharge may have failed. We will provide a refund when a recharge is unsuccessful.

You can check the cause of the failure on your “Wallet History” page. If you keep getting a “Failed” message, please check the major causes listed below:

  • Incorrect number registered: having a second SIM number with the first SIM’s information
  • Invalid Pack: try to recharge with another plan.
  • Operator Issue: please contact to your operator directly.
  • Server Issue: please try again later.
  • Connection Issue: please try again later.