How to check the validity of promo codes?

To find the Terms & Conditions of promo codes,

  1. Go to “Wallet” page.
  2. Tap the blue promotion banner
  3. Tap one promo code to see details.

I can’t apply a promo code

Please check the Terms & Conditions of the promo code. If all conditions are satisfied, please share the issue with a screen shot to our Customer Support.

* You can find promo code details in “Wallet” page.

How to use Promo Code?

Please follow the steps below,

  1. Go to “Wallet” page.
  2. Tap “Promotion banner”
  3. Select a promo code you want to use
  4. Tap “Copy & Recharge” button
  5. Continue the recharge process. A promo code will be applied automatically.

* Promo codes are only available with Debit/Credit Card and Net Banking.