For how many subsequent recharges will I get the reward points?

You will get reward points for first 3 recharges.

Where can I see my earnings and my friend’s earnings?

You can see your earnings under

  • ‘Rewards’ page>Offers Tab

and your friends earning under

  • ‘Rewards’ page > ‘Invites’ Tab.

Where can I see ‘T&C’ in the App?

To see ‘T&C’:

  • Go to ‘Rewards’ page > Invites Tab
  • Click ‘Share’ button and find T&C.

How long do I need to wait to ‘Ask’ my friend to do the same task?

After 24 hours you can again ‘Ask’ your friend to do the same task.

Where can I see my Completed task?

Your completed tasks will be displayed in;

  • ‘Rewards’ page>offers tab >below Earning Task.

What is the difference between Total Earning and Wallet Points?

Total earning will have total reward points which you have earned from invites and earning task and Wallet points is your point balance. So, if you use the point, the wallet points will be deducted.

Where can I see guide screen?

You can see guide screen on ‘Rewards’ page > Offers tab > Click the (?) icon next to an earning task.

My friend doesn’t show up in my referred friend’s list

If your friend has downloaded the app and registered, kindly share your friend’s registered mobile number so that we may investigate and assist you accordingly.

Do I receive a referral reward if my friend’s friend installs the app?

Yes you will receive referral reward when your friend’s friend installs the app and complete the sign-up process.

How can I change my Name?

Currently we have no option to change the name. You can enter the name only once. But we’ll update the name edit function soon.