How to earn from Lucky Coin Earning/Recharge Earning task?

To earn from ‘Lucky Coin Earning’:

  1. Tap ‘Lucky Coin’ on the App Main Page. Try it Until you win.
  2. Go to ‘Rewards’ page and ‘Offers’ tab
  3. Tap the ‘GET’ button of lucky coin earning task

To earn from ‘Recharge Earning task’, below are conditions:

  1. Recharge using your debit/credit/ net banking.
    (Mobile plan must be over Rs 9)
  2. Go to ‘Rewards’ page and ‘Offers’ tab
  3. Tap the ‘GET’ button of lucky coin earning task

You can also ask your referred friend to do the same. You will win extra reward. T&C applied.

What is Earning task and where to check the list?

Earning Task is True Balance promotion. If you complete an earning Task, you can earn points.

To See Earning Task list:

  • Tap ‘Rewards’ button on the main page.
  • Go to ‘Offers’ Tab.

What is ‘Ask’ button and ‘Get’ button?

Using ‘Ask’ button, you can ask your friends to complete tasks for Earning rewards. When you tap on ‘Ask ‘button a message will be sent to your friends. You can also edit the message.

You will see ‘Get’ button if there is an uncollected reward. Just Tap on the button to get the reward.

How can I earn from ‘Unlimited Earning System’ in True Balance?

You can earn:

  • When you Invite One Friend
  • When your friend invites another
  • You can earn more, every time your invited friends complete earning tasks.

What is Unlimited Earning System?

With our Unlimited Earning System, you can earn from ‘invites’ and ‘Earning tasks’. You can earn repeatedly from one invited friend even after receiving referral reward by tapping on ‘Ask’ button.

Why Invite and Offers Tab shows empty status?

Internet connection can be the reason of this situation. Please check your internet connection and try again.

What is ‘Total Earning’?

Total Earnings will have total rewards from your earning task and your friend’s earning task.

What is Lucky Box?

Lucky Box is True Balance’s special promotion. You can earn free Wallet Points by this event.
Just tap ‘Lucky box’ icon in the main page to get points.

* The chances of winning is random.